Balkan Archaeometry Network Database

Welcome to the Balkan Archaeometry Network Database

The FP6 project: Reinforcement of the Research Capacities of the Spectroscopy Laboratory for Archaeometry, was granted to the Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia for the period between 1st April 2007 until 31st May 2009. It initiated regional multidisciplinary relationship in the field of archaeometry and protection of cultural heritage and opened road for development of thematic network in the region and partner countries. The contacts and cooperation were established between Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Romania and Turkey. The establishment of this Database aims to list people from the Balkan region that work in the field of archeaometry, opens opportunity for communication, cooperation and collaboration. This way, cooperation and transfer of knowledge and skills, as well as sharing instrumentation between the the neighbouring countries and wider will be enhanced. The existence of the Database will be beneficial for future relationship and exchange of experience and achivements in the field of archaeometry between the neighbouring countries.

It contains the list of scientists, laboratories (faculties, institutes), equipment, specific area of interest in the Balkan region in the field of Archaeometry. The scope of the database is to:

  • Facilitate the communication between the centers having similar scientific interest in the country, region and in the EU;
  • Exchange of knowledge and expertise;
  • Provide a list of instrumental techniques avaliable in the neighbouring countries;
  • Create space for intensified regional cooperation;
  • Act as a regional, scientific and application network, exploring real issues and problems in connection with the preservation of the cultural heritage.