Project details

Final plan for using and disseminating knowledge

All planed activities within the project focus on use and dissemination of the achieved knowledge:

  1. Educating two young researchers in new technique (Raman spectroscopy) in domestic laboratory as well as in laboratories in EU counties.
  2. Educating local researchers in Raman technique on the instrument, purchased within the project
  3. Organizing 2 half-day meetings and educating wider community engaged in protection of cultural heritage to the non-destructive and non-invasive techniques of investigation of heritage objects
  4. Exchange knowledge and access to instrumentation in different research centres on the national and regional level.
  5. Use and disseminate knowledge through Balkan Arachaeometry Network between Balkan Counties in the field of common cultural heritage (such as Byzantine art) in spite of national, ethnic or political differences between them. This will strengthen interest toward mutual cultural heritage and improve and develop archaeometry as multidisciplinary approach to cultural heritage in region.

The information flow from the FORCA SPECLAB to beneficiaries and/or other institutions

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