Project details

Main goal(s) of Specific Support Action

The principal objective of the project is to reinforce and strengthen the research capacities of the Spectroscopy Laboratory and to contribute to the sustainable research development at the level of the institution, the country and the region. In order to achieve this, the first key issue is purchasing one micro-Raman spectrometer as the upgrade of the Spectroscopy Laboratory that is presently equipped with FTIR (mid and far) spectrometer, an IR microscope, and accessories for diffuse and specular reflection. Micro-Raman spectroscopy is one of the most suitable and up-to-date non-destructive techniques in the characterization of materials and artefacts and is at present regarded as the state of the art in the field of archaeometry. In addition to this, two young researchers will be employed in the laboratory and trained in the prominent spectroscopic laboratories in the EU countries in the applicative research on non-destructive methods of analysis.

Another important issue is the support from the appropriate laboratories in the EU countries which have long term experience in the application of non-destructive techniques. This comprises above all:

  • collaboration with the experts in the field of spectroscopy;
  • exchange of knowledge, know how and expertise;
  • visits for exchange research results - dissemination;
  • collaboration between scientists and the end-users of its RTD activities.

An important target point is a regional cooperation between the Balkan countries (sharing common or related cultural heritage) in the field of archaeometry. Workshops and a regional conference on the application of non-destructive methods of analysis in Byzantine art work are part of this project. Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia & Montenegro, and Turkey will be invited to join network (Balkan Archaeometry Network). Forming a database on certain main issues in application of non-destructive methods of analysis will be followed by establishing a web site.

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