Project details

Expected achievements/impact

  • promote peaceful cooperation between the countries in the region, defining common areas of peace and stability;
  • highlight heritage by establishing and promoting networking of scientific and cultural institutions;
  • develop human resources in the cultural field: cultural exchange while respecting cultural identities;
  • reinforce and strengthen the understanding between people involved in the collaboration and encourage understanding between cultures and exchanges between civil societies;
  • support heritage policy through exchange of experience, transfer of know-how and technical assistance;
  • contribute to strategic objectives, regarding European research area
  • capacity building in the heritage sector;
  • trans national network will improve knowledge and provide access to instrumentation present in the neighbouring countries;
  • share methodology, techniques and programmes between Balkan research institutions and centres with proven high-level S&T capacities;
  • prepare Balkan countries for future scientific project in the field of Archaeometry;
  • training of researchers in skills related to heritage and cultural activities – with a special emphasis on young researchers involved in archaeometry.